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The Enterprise resource planning system or what is known as ERP System is an integrated system to manage and align your resources with the needs of your company or trade, whether on the offline or online

This system is not fully accounting, but it contains what your organization or company needs to manage and plan its resources, including financial resources and accounting operations, which are an integral part of the systems and resources of any institution, whatever its business activity or size

It contains several sections that can be employed according to the type and size of your commercial activity, as follows:

  • Human Resource Management (to develop a business needs planning system - employee laws)
  • Financial accounts management
  • Supply chain management (supply) and contribution to the manufacturing process
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales management and store orders

It will help you to organize your business from anywhere, and manage several branches of your workplace simultaneously

Accurately record your details and data, and access all data and operations for your business in one place, and enables you to manage and record supplier data and accounts, monitor and update continuously In addition to calculating taxes and billing and linking your system and store with POS points of sale

Detailed and accurate business reports without errors (stores - buying and selling and taxes - contacts - expenses - cash)

HR System

Online system and available at any time

Reward and loyalty points

Poster printing - Product barcode

This system is suitable for various sectors of business (industrial - commercial - service) and can be used in various industries

For example (clothing stores - supermarkets / food and beverages - hospitals - industrial and commercial companies - factories - electronics and appliances - health care and medicine)

It is also suitable for companies (emerging - small - medium - large)

And types of business (retail - sectoral)

If you want more details, or to get advice or inquiries about the type and size of your business and its suitability for the ERP system .. please feel free to contact us and we will guide you in line with your business goals

Multiple ERP packages are available, you can view and choose the one that best suits your needs from this link:

You can request to try the system with its basic contents without additional features for 15 days, allow users to log in, add 200 products, and prepare 50 invoices

from here :

Monthly subscription systems and different packages are available to get the system, and they differ according to the additions and features of each

This is done through the programmatic linking that we provide in Vowalaa, so that integration occurs between your store and the sales that are made to it that are registered in your own system in each of the accounts, stores, and other departments concerned with store data and the operations that take place in it

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